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So you want to be an Engineer

Horological Science

The Pendulum

Christiaan Huygens, the Pendulum and the Cycloid

Analysis of the Pendulum on a Rotating Earth

Making the Pendulum Isochronous

Analysis of the Compound Pendulum Suspended from a Spring

Decay and Anisochronism in the Pendulum

Geometry of the Verge and Crown-wheel Escapement

Temperature Compensation of the CompoundPendulum

Clock Spiral Mainsprings in Barrels

Iron and Steel

Part 1, In the Beginning

Part 2, Wrought Iron

Part 3, Cast Iron

Part 4, Steel with Science

Part 4 Bulk Steel

Part 6, Early Australian Iron and Steel

Steel before Science -a Lecture

Tips and Techniques

A Dictionary of Abrasives


More Gongs

Barrel Aid

Some Practical Aspects of Cycloidal Gearing

Designing Motion Work:
Reverted Trains and
Thinning Teeth

Mysticism in the Paint Pot

Centrifgal Pump Design by Rule of Thumb

Science Notes

Notes on Junior High School Physics

The Legend of Archimedes

The Energy Principle

Captain Cook and the Transit of Venus

Why Aeroplanes Fly

Time and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Telegraphers' Equation - Duration in Special Relativity

Look at the Data!

Pitfalls in Mathematical Modelling
Miscellaneous Whimsy

Isambard Kingdom and theAtmospheric Railwayd

Hanky Panky

Most Accurate Clocks in Australia

Barnes Wallis at Parkes

It's Simple, Pythagoras

When No Dogs Barked

A Count on Heat

The Identification and Evaluation of Pi

Other people's Pi Stories

The Australian Who Really Invented TV

The Swiss Have Big Feet

The Legend of Heinrich von Wieke and the First Mechanical Clocks

The Captain's Chronometers

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